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HCA watershed downgraded to Level 1 Low Water Conditions

As of September 20, the Hamilton Low Water Response Team has downgraded to Level 1 Low Water Conditions for the entire Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) watershed. This includes Spencer Creek, Red Hill Creek, Stoney Creek and Battlefield Creek as well as all of their tributaries and other minor watercourses. The watershed had previously been under a declared Level 2 Low Water Condition since July 27.

The Level 1 conditions result in a request for a continued voluntary 10 percent reduction in normal water consumption in the watershed by all water users. Strategies for reducing water use can be found on the Low Water Condition Factsheet above. Reducing surface and groundwater use at this time will continue to assist in avoiding more serious shortages and lessen the impact of reduced water availability. It is essential that we all do our part to reduce water use at this time.

Based on criteria set out by the provincial government in its Low Water ResLevel 1 Low Water Conditions Fact Sheetponse Plan, a Level 1 Low Water Condition is declared when one, three or eighteen-month total precipitation are between 60 and 80 percent of long term averages, and / or when 30 day average streamflows are between 50 and 70 percent of the minimum average summer month flow.

Three month precipitation totals for June to August are generally within the Level 1 thresholds. August had normal to above normal precipitation, with the Hamilton watershed receiving 90 to 150% of what is normally received in August. Streamflows have also increased of late. Current 30 day average flows are within the Level 1 thresholds at Spencer Creek at Safari Rd, Spencer Creek at Market St, and Ancaster Creek at Wilson St stations. Streamflows remain within Level 2 conditions at Spencer Creek at Highway 5 station.

HCA staff will continue to monitor conditions and will provide further updates as required.

The Hamilton Low Water Response Team is made up of water users in the watershed including agricultural representatives, golf courses, nursery operators, quarry operations, and industrial users as well as provincial, municipal, and HCA representatives.

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