HCA Releases 2018 Watershed Report Card

HCA Releases 2018 Watershed Report Card

Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) released the 2018 Watershed Report Card, reporting on the state of local watersheds. Conservation Authority watershed report cards report on the state of Ontario's watersheds so residents are aware of their local conditions and also so that informed decisions can be made to ensure the ongoing resiliency and sustainability of our water and land resources.

Ontario’s Conservation Authorities are reporting on local watershed conditions using a standardized set of indicators and evaluation, focusing on ground water quality, surface water quality and forest cover. This is a reporting process that gets scientific information to local decision-makers in watersheds across Ontario, and will provide a unified province-wide look at many of Ontario’s watersheds.

Watersheds in the Hamilton area face the same challenges as many highly developed urban watersheds surrounding the Great Lakes. Grades range from high to low. It is important to maintain higher grades and where there are opportunities, take action to improve lower grades.  Government, agencies, community groups and residents all have an important role to play in maintaining and improving the health of our watersheds.

Click here to view the 2018 Watershed Report Card.

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To access other Watershed Report cards within the province, visit www.watershedcheckup.ca.