Gypsy moth spray to take place May 23, 25 – Now Completed for 2018

Gypsy moth spray to take place May 23, 25

Aerial spray for 2018 is now completed.

Beginning tomorrow, low flying helicopters will begin applying a bio-pesticide to Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) properties in the east end of the Dundas Valley  Conservation Area (DVCA) to help manage the gypsy moth infestation. It is expected that spraying of the west-end of the Dundas Valley will be treated on Friday, May 25.
HCA will aerial spray a total of 113 hectares within the DVCA. Five specific areas are targeted to be sprayed, including two areas in the far east of the valley, one area located at the far west and two in the centre part of the of the DVCA. These areas are identified on this website - Trail closures in these areas will be required during the aerial spray program.

The HCA has surveyed yearly for Gypsy moth egg masses since 2004. Surveys have been conducted throughout the Dundas and Ancaster area, mainly in the DVCA. Surveys are completed in January and February each year. The data collected from the surveys conducted this year indicated that severe defoliation is expected in the summer in specific areas. In order to reduce the potential for tree mortality and impacts on forest health, HCA is conducting this Gypsy moth aerial spray program to help reduce Gypsy moth infestation levels.

Aerial spraying will be conducted by a single engine helicopter with an ultra low volume spray system. During spraying, the helicopter will fly approximately 10-30 meters (50-100 feet) above the treetops between 5AM and 8:30AM on treatment dates. Monitoring will occur post spray to see how effective it was and how the trees respond via leaf out.
The aerial spraying is a bio-pesticide, registered as Foray 48B Biological Insecticide Aqueous Suspension, containing active ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis, subsp. Kurstaki strain ABTS-351, (PCP# 24977) under the Pest control products Act (Canada). This product is not harmful to humans, pets, bees or wildlife.

Updates on the aerial spray program will be available on HCA’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

For more information please call 905-525-2181 ext. 100.


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