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Dundas Valley 50-Year Vision and Strategy

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The Dundas Valley 50 Year Vision and Strategy is a comprehensive, community orientated project, with the goal of maintaining and enhancing the unique character, culture, and charm of the Dundas Valley Area. The Hamilton Conservation Authority is taking a holistic approach to the conservation and stewardship of the Dundas Valley Area through the long-term implementation of this Vision. Being an area rich in natural, historical, and cultural features the Dundas Valley remains susceptible to a number of pressures that include; climate change, development, and invasive species among other.

Currently in its first Implementation Strategy Cycle (ISC1), this vision is pursuing the implementation of 10 priority areas which include:

Hamilton Conservation Authority Strategic Directions:
Protect and Enhance the Connectivity of Ecosystems
Protect Rare and Endangered Species
Combat Invasive and Nuisance Species
Protect and Enhance the Health of Streams, Watercourses, and Waterfalls

Community Strategic Directions:
Agriculture in the Dundas Valley
Green Business in the Dundas Valley
Heritage in the Dundas Valley
Special Character Roads in the Dundas Valley
Sustainable Tourism in the Dundas Valley

*Each Strategic Direction will address climate change, as well as the promotion of alternative energy sources.

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