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Wetlands are essential to our environment - they filter pollutants from our water, help control floods, and provide habitat for numerous wildlife species, including many on the endangered list. A total of 33 per cent of Ontario and 14 per cent of Canada is wetland. Unfortunately, as much as 80 per cent of Ontario's wetland…
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Open Space: Why it’s important

Forests, meadows and wetlands protect water, provide habitat for wildlife and support human health and recreation. Communities that take the time and care to protect their open spaces as natural areas usually find their open spaces are taking care of them in so many important ways. Over the years, the Hamilton Conservation Authority, with the…
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Source Water Protection

What Makes a Healthy Community? People's social, economic, cultural, and psychological well-being is influenced by the physical environment in which they live, work, and play. Protecting water at the source ensures the health of humans, ecosystems, and economics. It is important to protect current and future sources of drinking water from potential contamination and depletion.…
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Master Plans

Master Plans The Hamilton Conservation Authority owns and manages over 4,443 hectares of conservation land across the region. For most areas, master plans have been created to help the HCA manage and protect lands consistently over time. A master plan serves several important functions: it informs the public of the purpose of the park and…
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