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Termination Watershed Conditions Statement

The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is advising that the current Flood Watch issued on September 9, 2018, has now been terminated. For further information or questions regarding this message, please contact: Jonathan Bastien Phone: 905-525-2181 ext 138 Fax: 905-648-4622
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Board of Directors meeting agenda for Sept. 6

Agenda for Board Of Directors Meeting Thursday, September 6, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. Full agenda package 1. Call To Order - Conley 2. Declarations Of Conflict Of Interest 3. Approval Of Agenda 4. Delegations 5. Consent Items 5.1 Applications – Development, Interference with Wetlands, Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses 5.2 Approval of Board of Directors…
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Fifty Point Marina Channel Dredging

Beginning on Wednesday September 5, dredging will begin on the Fifty Point marina channel. Dredging is a form of underwater excavation to remove built up sediment and is necessary to ensure boats have a clear passage in and out of Lake Ontario. Some dock as and boats may need to be moved during this time to…
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Safety near escarpment areas

In light of recent incidents at both Tew and Webster Falls, the Hamilton Conservation Authority would like to remind all visitors of some safety information for exploring conservation areas, especially those with escarpment features. On the morning of Friday, August 24, two hikers, a male and female, were discovered at the bottom of an embankment…
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