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Stormwater Stewardship Grants for Private Property Owners

Stormwater Stewardship Grants for Private Property Owners Roofs, driveways, parking lots, roads, and patios are all impermeable surfaces, meaning they do not allow water to absorb into them. Rainfall that flows over these surfaces is called stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff often carries pollutants which can be harmful to fish and other aquatic life. The goal…
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Flood and Erosion Control Study for Watercourse 11, Fifty Point Conservation Area

Conservation Ontario Class Environmental Assessment Notice of Filing Document for Review The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) has completed a study to investigate possible flood control alternatives for Watercourse No. 11, Fifty Point Conservation Area. The focus has been to assess possible alternatives to alleviate flooding occurring at the Fifty Point Conservation Area and adjacent private…
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