Monthly Archives: October 2017

Blog: Bat Week 2017

Bat Week 2017 Posted October 25, 2017 October 24 to 31 is Bat Week! It's an annual celebration of the important role bats play in nature. Many people don't realize how vital bats are to pest control, pollinators and seed dispersers. So we've rounded up 10 amazing facts about bats to help you understand why…
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Blog: DIY Halloween Decor & Costumes

DIY Halloween Decor & Costumes Posted October 20, 2017 Halloween is fast approaching, but before you run out to spend money on decorations and costumes - try utilizing some of Mother Nature's spooky assets first! Who knew that some of the best ornaments can be found in your own backyard!   DIY DecorationsĀ  [caption id="attachment_2320"…
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Blog: Fall in love with HCA

Fall in love with HCA Posted October 13, 2017 Ah yes - there's a crispness in the air, the leaves are changing colours and it's the perfect weather to enjoy a walk outdoors. Fall is officially here! It's time to strap on your boots, zip up your sweater and #ExploreHCA. Whether you enjoy a challenging…
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